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Model wearing NAUTRA Activewear's Orca set of leggings and sports bra sitting on a beach.

United by Passion

The NAUTRA community is a collective of fitness and wellness enthusiasts united by a deep passion for the oceans and their preservation. Together, we strive to make a meaningful impact on our planet and inspire positive change. Our ambassadors embody this commitment through their dedication to both fitness and environmental advocacy.

"Join Their Journey, Embrace Your Own"

Delve into their profiles, connect with their stories, and let their experiences inspire and guide you on your own path to a balanced and active lifestyle.

Emmy Smith

Emmy Smith

Yoga Teacher & Poet

Meet Emmy Smith, a Yoga Teacher and Poet who has found strength and inspiration in the power of nature. Join us as she shares her transformative journey and the passion that led her to become a NAUTRA Activewear ambassador.

A pile of rocks sitting on top of each other on a rocky beach.

Are you passionate about fitness, wellness, and the preservation of our oceans? If you share our commitment and want to inspire others, we invite you to become a part of our ambassador community.

Ready to Get Involved?

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