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Discovering Sustainable Platforms: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Brands

Updated: Sep 22

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Welcome back to our journey towards a plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle. In our previous blog post, we explored the power of precycling and the importance of mindful consumption. As a continuation of that discussion, we're excited to present a curated list of sustainable platforms that offer a wide range of eco-friendly products. From clothing and food to beauty products and home essentials, these platforms are your one-stop destination for living a more sustainable life.

VEO world:

VEO world is a platform that believes in making sustainable choices accessible to all. They empower individuals by providing access to a world of better choices, including brands, products, and services that supercharge our positive impact and lifestyle.

Veo World logo

With over 350 independent brands spanning fashion, beauty, food and drink, wellness, and home, VEO world offers a consciously curated platform to cater to all the needs of a sustainable lifestyle. Their commitment to exceptional quality and a 'do + feel' good experience inspires people to embrace sustainability in their everyday lives.

Go check them out here!


GoEthical is the UK's first dedicated ethical marketplace and lifestyle app, bringing together ethical, artisan, and preloved products under one roof. This platform creates a community of buyers and sellers who share a passion for sustainable living. GoEthical offers a platform for sellers to showcase their products, reach relevant audiences, and be part of a passionate community that values ethical practices.

Go Ethical Logo

With a wide variety of products available, from fashion and beauty to home and lifestyle, GoEthical offers a convenient all-in-one marketplace for those seeking sustainable choices.

Explore this platform here!


ALFA VEGA is the go-to platform for shopping stylish sustainable fashion and lifestyle products. They make it easy for individuals to find and purchase items that align with their sustainability values without compromising on style.


With a focus on fashion and lifestyle, ALFA VEGA curates a selection of products that are both trendy and eco-friendly. From clothing to accessories and home goods, ALFA VEGA provides an effortless way to shop sustainably and support brands that prioritize sustainability.

Discover this platform here!

By recommending these sustainable platforms, we hope to assist you on your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. These platforms bring together a wide array of sustainable options, making it easier for you to discover and support brands that align with your values. They empower individuals to make conscious choices and embrace sustainability in various aspects of their lives. Remember, every purchase you make has the power to create a positive impact, supporting a more sustainable future for us and generations to come. Happy shopping, and let's continue working together to build a greener world.

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