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Beach Clean Up by the NAUTRA Activewear Founders

Our Story

We are a small family run eco-conscious activewear brand passionate about saving our oceans. We aim to create beautiful high performance activewear that makes you feel good and confident, while helping the planet... Activewear That Cares.

Through work and travel, our founding members have had the opportunity to see first hand not only the beauty and fragility of our world, but also the damage inflicted by single-use plastic, fast fashion, and climate change. By combining performance, quality, and recycled fabrics, with vivid marine animal prints we hope to raise awareness of the plight of our seas. 

​Our ethical manufacturers start with fabrics made from post consumer recycled materials, including ocean plastic and fishing nets, and employ low-waste printing techniques. With 100% sustainable packaging, transparency is the cornerstone of our business.

​Although many organisations and groups already do amazing work to conserve and restore the natural world, these projects are often limited by a lack of funding and resources. By donating a portion of the proceeds from each product to our partner projects, we aim to increase the resources available to these organisations through our partnership programme. 

​We want to create a sustainable, ethical, quality brand that reflects our love for the ocean and share our passion with you. By choosing NAUTRA, you become part of the solution.


Join us today and help us transform the fashion industry to save our oceans!

Sebastian Jemmett Founder NAUTRA Activewear


Founder - Director of Sustainability

​BSc Hons Marine Biology



​Working as a marine biologist, it became clear that changing the world requires more than just scientific research and conservation, it requires a concerted global push to make sustainable choices every day.

Meet The Team

Susanna Tweedie Hughes Founder NAUTRA Activewear


Founder - Director of Operations


BSc Hons International Business Management. 


​Growing up on the Island of Mallorca on an eco-friendly farm, I developed a love for the sea and sustainable living. This project gave me the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge to a cause that I believe in.

Ghislaine Jemmett Founder NAUTRA Activewear


Founder - Director of Design


BA Hons Fashion Design, MA RCA 1st Fashion Design

Working in the fashion industry for many years has made me realise that we need to move to more sustainable and long-lived clothing. My love of the sea grew from diving around the world, and it has been the inspiration for this collection.  


Our commitment to sustainability is driven by our passion for the oceans and a profound desire to safeguard the beauty of nature. To minimize environmental impact while maintaining quality, we meticulously choose materials for our garments, incorporating recycled ocean plastic and eco-friendly fabrics to reduce waste and promote cleaner oceans. Our production methods prioritize timeless pieces, encouraging conscious consumption by advocating for fewer, longer-lasting purchases and fostering a slower, more mindful shopping experience. Emphasizing ethical manufacturing, we ensure fair and safe conditions for garment production, collaborating exclusively with like-minded suppliers. Supporting NAUTRA not only aligns with sustainability but also champions ocean conservation, as a portion of our proceeds funds initiatives to protect marine ecosystems, allowing individuals to actively contribute to preserving our planet's natural treasures. Together, we stride towards a more sustainable future, taking stylish steps one at a time.

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