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Baby calm and mother manatee swimming underwater.


When people care, they can change the world.

Here at NAUTRA we are deeply passionate about our planet and oceans, and  we want to help ensure that the beauty and wonder of the seas are kept alive. To do this, humanity must come together to ensure key ecosystems as well as  individual species are conserved and cared for. The importance of research and conservation can’t be understated, now more than ever. 


To stop the degradation of the seas, we must all play our part. As a sustainable company, we have a responsibility to use our resources to improve research, conservation and empowerment of those directly working towards saving our oceans. We use materials and methods that recover and utilise marine plastic, and minimise the use of damaging chemicals and waste. In addition, more directly, we  assist in the advancement of conservation and research through  partnerships with marine conservation NGO’s and research groups. 


Our partnerships not only help provide resources to NGO’s working tirelessly to protect our world’s magnificent animals and their habitats, but also help educate our customers and social media followers to the great work that these organisations and their contemporaries are doing.

Find out more about our partners below!

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