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Model carrying NAUTRA Activewear's SOLO Bottle. She is standing on a beach.

SOLO Bottle

The only water bottle you will ever need. 

NAUTRA Activewear's SOLO Water Bottle's benefits: Saves you money & the environment, Bamboo Lid, Funds Ocean Conservation, Made to Last, Stainless Steel, Keeps your drink cold for 24h & hot for 12h.

Did you know that in the UK, we consume a whopping 7.7 billion plastic bottles annually? That's roughly 117 bottles per person! Shockingly, only 45% of these plastics are recycled, while the rest contribute to landfills and ocean pollution. The solution? Embrace reusable bottles, like our fantastic SOLO. With their ability to keep liquids hot or cold, they not only help the environment but also enhance your drinking experience.

Model wearing NAUTRA Activewear's Whale Shark Shorts and sports bra holding the SOLO Water Bottle.
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